our team.

We continue to be in touch with our business and have been able to stay true to who we've been since the beginning. Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams are actively involved in the daily operations of the company and have built a team that understands their vision and remains committed to designing and manufacturing comfortable furniture for hospitality, residential, and retail use.

Our Team:

Our product development, manufacturing, quality control, and customer care teams are based out of our facilities in Taylorsville, North Carolina. With one the lowest turnover rates in the furniture industry our team consists of skilled artisans that have been working in the industry for years. They understand our brand for the comfort and quality it represents and take pride in the product they produce.

Our sales team is made up of our Regional Account Managers strategically placed across North America - not multi-line reps - who understand how to work together with a common goal of communicating our customers' needs and streamlining the decision making process for everyone involved. Our ultimate goal is to deliver quality product that meets our clients' expectations on time.

We are very proud to have over 500,000 Sq feet of manufacturing/warehouse space in the United States of America located in Taylorsville, NC where we continue to employ over 600 people. Having all of the steps needed to complete the production process located under one roof allows us to maintain and exceptional level of quality with the product we manufacture with some of the shortest lead times in the industry. We are still delivering 98% on time.

Our Human Factor:

We provide comfort for the mind, body, and soul: just ask our employees. We believe in providing a comfortable workplace. From our five-star rated onsite daycare to our employee college scholarship program to Café Lulu to Spot's Gym to free health evaluations. It's these in house perks that keep our employees happy.