How to properly fill out a COM form?

Company name, PO number, Vendor name , name of fabric from Vendor, Application, amount of yardage sent, and swatch sample.

What are our payment options?

Credit card, check, net 30 or wire payment.

Where do I ship our COM fabric or checks?

Contract Department
135 One Comfortable Place
Taylorsville, NC 28681

What is your standard lead time and custom lead time?

Standard is 4-6 weeks and custom is 14-16 weeks

What is your returns policy?

Please see Contract Warranty

What are our shipping options?

You have the choice of using MGBW preferred carrier or bring in a 3rd party carrier.

What information do we need to give on our Purchase Orders?

Bill to, Ship to, all information of product being ordered as in style number, quantities, base finish, all fabric information, and pricing.

What type of poly options do we have?

Standard poly, high traffic poly, and super high traffic poly.

Can MGBW hold our items for extended periods?

After a certain length of time a storage fee will be applied to your order, which is 2% of total order per week. Charges will start to apply 30 days after date listed on PO has passed.

What is the quantity needed for custom items to be produced?

25 for upholstered items and 100 for Casegoods, this is subject to change on a case by case basis.